Путешествия по Карачаево-Черкесии


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как пишется карачаево черкесия
группа альянс

гостиница INTERCITY 3* first Местонахождение: Центр города Адрес: PAUL-NEVERMANN PLATZ 17, 22765 HAMBURG, GERMANY, Телефон: 49-40-380340, Факс: 49-40-38034999 Количество комнат: 133 Скидки детям: с 2 по 18 лет. Баров: 1 Банкетных залов: 5 Описание: Расположение CITY CENTRE 10 km to the nearest airport: HAMS1 / S3 1 minute walk to nearest bus stop. 3 km to the nearest fair site: MESSE HAMBURG Дополнительная информация LOCATION The Hotel is located direct at the train station Hamburg-Altona, very close to the famous Reeperbahn and St Pauli, the famous amousement area in Hamburg - but not directly in this area. ROOMS The rooms are medium in size and very comfortable, they are bright and the decoration is warm and functional. Also the Hotel is located at the train station and close to the amusement district, the rooms are quiet. The bathrooms are medium, modern, fully equipped and very clean. RESTAURANT The "Wintergarten" Restaurant offers an international and local cuisine and has a wide range of local specialities. The fish dishes are excellent (as the harbour and the famous "Fishmarket" is just a short walk away) EXTERIOR The Hotel is a traditional northern german brick building, and very functional designed. LOBBY The Lobby is medium in size with several small seating areas and a Bar at the rear end. It has a touch of "Hanseatic understatement" as typical in Hamburg. GENERAL This Hotel is superb for any traveller who wants to enjoy the harbour and amusement culture, Hamburg is famous for and also have a hotel which is relaxed and quiet. The Hotel is also recommended for its value for money. Harbour and river excursions are also in a short range. 04/03 hm События 22.09.2004 - 30.09.2004: IAA-International Motor Show 27.09.2004 - 02.10.2004: SMM-Ship Building 25.10.2004 - 30.10.2004: Euroblech-Intl Sheet Metal 25.10.2004 - 30.10.2004: Intl Sheet Metal 14.01.2005 - 17.01.2005: Domotex - Floor Coverings 03.03.2005 - 08.03.2005: Internorga - Catering 09.03.2005 - 15.03.

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